Sunday, 22 May 2016

Lyke Wake Walk 2016

We now have our official charity organised and our donations webpage up and running!

Please click here to support us!

We will attempt our crossing of the North Yorkshire Moors via the REVERSE Lyke Wake Walk route on the 18-19th June, again totally unsupported, although timed hopefully to allow a pot of tea in the cafe about 3/4 of the way!

Training is  now ramped up! Last week, we did the whole of the Kinder plateau, around 20miles, and the Win Hill, Lose Hill, Great Ridge and Mam Tor circular, about 13 miles. Tomorrow, we hit the dales for another round of the Yorkshire Three Peaks, then in two weeks time were off up Snowdon!

So click the link, pledge your money, study our form, decide on the odds of us not dying again, and place your bets!

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