Thursday, 26 May 2016

Did I mention our charity?

You know, I cant remember! Well, i'll mention it again!

Our charity for this years Lyke Wake Walk - Reverse Route challenge on the 18-19th June is Meningitis Now. Oh look, theres even a link to their webpage on the side of this blog! How lucky is that?

I tell you what else is lucky, theres a link to our sponsorship and donations page as well! So you see, you can read all about our three peaks walk, then just pop over the mouse pointer a few inches, and in a click or few, you can make a pledge to support us on our walk and the great work that Meningitis Now does in supporting families hit by this devastating illness.

And, look, see how nice I am to you? You dont even need to drag the mouse that far! Just click here -

and give us some of your money!

Go on, you know you want to! It all feels just soooo heavy in your wallet doesnt it? Go on, lighten the load on your hip pocket, and your conscience!

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