Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Cinder Path - Scarborough to Whitby Rail Trail

Sunday just gone (8th april 2018), and another early start to get in a good long walk. This time, myself and Bob were joined by Paul, Bobs mate, and Mason, his nephew. Expecting them at 07:00 I was up at 6 and sorted ready. I dont know why I bothered, as Bob can never make it on time!

So at about 08:00 we set off in convoy for Whitby. That idea lasted all of 5mins when Bobs satnav decided to take him through Selby town center and numerous small villages to the north, whereas I just went up the bypass and the A19. No radio comms this time, so after parking up in Whitby I put my boots on while I waited for them to turn up.

About 5mins later Bob pulled up, I finished putting my boots on and locking up my motor, and slung my stuff into Bobs car for the journey to the start of the walk.

Arriving in Scarborough, Bob had predictably used the wrong postcode despite me telling him "the one at the top of the list" and took us to the supermarket car park where the Cinder Path officially starts, but where we cant park for long enough. Despite it all, we were parked up, kitted out and ready to go 5mins ahead of our planned 10:00.

The Cinder Path is a 21mile rail trail following the route of the dismantled Scarborough to Whitby line. Having done it before in the reverse direction, myself and Bob pretty much knew where we were going, so after only a minor false start, we were on the trackbed and heading out of Scarborough.

Mason, Bobs nephew, is the young chap who is doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks with us in a week or two, and the Lyke Wake with Bob later. This was to be his first ever proper long walk. He is doing all this for charity, so I will be giving the links to his donation page on my blogs, as well as to mine and Bobs. Please support him!


The weather for the day was overcast but dry, not too warm but not cold. Good walking weather. Parts of the route were a bit muddy, but luckily the first tea rooms at Cloughton, a converted station with waitress service, was only a few miles in, and before we got too mucky. We stopped there for half an hour for a nice brew.

Until reaching Ravenscar, the route is rather secluded inland. At Ravenscar, we again stopped for tea, and a bit of grub from our growlers. This was also a good point for a sock change!

From then on, we had the wonderful views out over Robin Hoods Bay and Boggle Hole as we walked. Well over half way, Mason was showing no ill effects, despite the quantities of dry biscuits he'd eaten, and likewise no one was complaining of any problems other than the odd slight ache or occasional twinge.  At Robin Hoods Bay we stopped for the conveniences, and a few snacks. The route now headed to Whitby, still mostly along the coastline with excellent views. Crossing the A171, we headed a little inland, with the Abbey in view, towards Larpool viaduct.

We were beginning to get a little bit tired and achy by now. Stopping for a few moments so I could have a pee, we were rewarded with the sight of three roe deer watching us! Having crossed the viaduct, the final short stretch brought us to the bridge under which my car was parked.

But, we were not quite finished! There are two official endings - either the abbey, or the fish dock! We opted for the fish dock and walked down the hill. Our reward for completing this walk - fish and chips! A short but somewhat challenging walk back up the hill to the car, and we were finished!

I then drove us back to Scarborough, it was now close to dusk, and we spotted several owls hunting over the moors. By the time we arrived where Bobs car was parked, we had all seized up a bit! All that remained was the separate drives home, as hot bath and a beer.

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