Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Proposed New Walk - Doncaster to Selby 27 miler - The 'god and water' path

With me living in Selby, and Bob in Doncaster, we've been looking at possible routes between the two towns.

Bob found a cycle route, but it wasnt quite to our liking, so ive adjusted it somewhat. Although I will not publish the actual route until we've walked it ourselves and proven it, I will reveal a few details here in advance,

The route is a 27 mile walk, between The Abbey in Selby, and St. Georges church in Doncaster (some are now calling this Doncaster Minster!). It uses some sections pinched from other walks, such as the Bentley to Barnby Dun riverside stretch from the Doncastrian Way, and the Burn to Selby canal path from the Selby Horseshoe. As much as possible is along canal towpaths. It takes in several churches, quite a few swing bridges, and even a Second World War airfield!

Hence the provisional name - God and Water

Despite being 27 miles, its mostly flat and easy going, the only energetic bits being some stairs in Doncaster! Doable in a day as a single walk, or can be easily split into three smaller stages each with good 'escape routes'

Roughly -
Doncaster - Barnby Dun - 6 miles
Barnby Dun - Snaith -       10.5 miles
Snaith - Selby -                  10.5 miles

Food and drink, either shop or pub, is just off route in Barnby Dun, by no more than a mile.
Plenty of shops and pubs in Snaith.
And a smattering in other villages.

Bobs going to check out his end of the route over the next few days. I'll do the same my end.
And then, we'll walk it!

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