Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Lions Summer Walk 26th June

Having a father in law whos heavily involved in charity work means by default so am I. One of the things I do for the Lions is to maintain a fleet of 2-way radios, which are used at various events.

This year the Lions are hosting a charity walk between Doncaster and Thorne, in aid of a Doncaster Royal Infirmary scanner appeal. This is a bit under 12 mile I think.

Well, we have our entry submitted and our numbers. Me and Bob will do this one operating the radios as we go, and so im also now in discussion with the regulator Ofcom for a special event radio license. The plan being to set off at the front of the walkers, along with the van of the walk, which includes Ben Parkinson, and I believe Doncaster Rovers. After a while we will slow and drop back, allowing others to pass us, before moving up again, essentially just moving about amongst the walkers, keeping an eye on them and helping out anyone who needs it.

More info here

As I understand it a Just Giving page or similar will be established at some point, for you all to sponsor us via.

This walk will come less than a week after our next crossing of the Lyke Wake! So watch out for the two muppets with radios walking like John Waynes stunt doubles!

Recovery from mondays Doncaster Monster is coming on nice and swiftly. I can just about walk at normal pace again! Still a bit of aching and a pain in left thigh above the knee. The only real trouble is that now my heel has begun to heal, its tightened up and become fairly painful when walking due to the pull on it as I step. So no running in the gym tonight, but a bit of bag work and some rowing are perhaps in order.

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