Thursday, 30 April 2015

Up the Tower - then 9miles!

 Yesterday, I had arranged for myself and Bob to take a trip up the Arqiva Tower in Emley Moor, Yorkshire.

This is where I work! At a height of some 1,200ft, it is about 1/5th of the total amount of ascent needed for us to complete the Lyke Wake! It takes 7 minutes in the lift to reach the turret room at the top. It will take us around 18h to complete the walk!

We were joined on this trip by Hanna from MAG.


On the horizon behind us in these last couple of photos, are the North Yorks Moors!

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After our visit up the tower, myself and Bob had a spot of lunch in the works canteen, before heading off for a short walk, around the village of Emley

A short walk of just 8.8miles! Both of us were carrying on this walk packs weighing in at around 17kg - close to the maximum we may have to start the Lyke Wake carrying. The only difference here being that all of that was dead weight. On the day of the walk, our packs will get lighter as we go, as we use up the water were carrying. I was also trying out a new pair of boots for the first time. My pack was made up of the RT-320 radio plus a set of heavy ankle weights that im using around the house, Bobs was bottles of water and bricks!

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