Friday, 24 April 2015

GB0MAG 1st Ever Mobile Special Event Station!

I am pleased to be able to announce that the UK radio regulator Ofcoms licensing division have today granted us a unique Notice of Variation (NoV) to operate as an amateur radio Special Event Station during the walk, under the callsign GB0MAG.

One of the standard rules of special event stations is that they must be operated from a fixed location - no mobile operation is allowed!


Some time ago I made a proposal to Ofcom requesting permission to operate pedestrian mobile, in other words, whilst walking, within a +/- 10m wide corridor along the Lyke Wake Walk route. Today Ofcom have granted that request and issued us with the callsign GB0MAG, as well as a number of specific rules regarding public access, interference mitigation, and station identification. They have also permitted operation on two fixed detour points - the two SOTA summits, which might require a few dozen meters off the route, and along a fixed line that covers the detour around the Lion Inn.

As far as I am aware, this is the first time a mobile special event station has ever been approved! This makes our activity unique.

Operation will be on 145MHz FM, at a transmitter output power of around 5W, using my trusty Alinco DJ-F1

However, we will be building a special rucksack mounted antenna to improve our range! We will be at the mercy of battery life however, and unless we can find some kind company who will loan us a suitable lightweight Lithium Polymer battery, the only other alternative is sealed lead acids, and the weight is a worry there.

For the radio hams - look up GB0MAG on, I will build more information onto the page as we get closer to the 28th.

The next four days might be hard to find much training time, but im sure we will fit some miles in somehow! We have an 8 miler scheduled for next week after the Tower visit, to be done with full weight pack (around 15-20kg) in as fast a time as we can. I myself did nine miles with 13kg today. I had on a pair of 'lined' walking socks, and have a few tender spots which I didnt seem to get with my single layer thick socks?! Im also a little concerned over the rate of wear of the soles of my boots - time to bring the reserve pair into use!

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